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Things will get better, will you be better when they do? New Anthem is getting better. Here are Cheri's musings regarding what's happened at New Anthem in the last six months.

we spend so much time fighting against coronavirus, why not fight FOR something? And while the world is busy fighting against a pandemic, maybe we can get caught fighting for the Gospel. Maybe we can be caught fighting for the love of our neighbor. Maybe we can be found fighting for the cause of Jesus.

Let's be able to tell the story of how this time was well-spent. Join us for a prayer initiative!

We are living in some dark times right now, but we don't have to look at this world with despair. Join us online for a message of hope.

Join us for Compassion Sunday, where we will join with Compassion International to sponsor children near our Bolivia church plant initiative!

Why I fasted... and why you should too

So often, we try to rush through life... maybe we should slow down and enjoy each moment.

Vision 2020- how are you living out your purpose?

Train up your child in the way he should go, but don't forget the watermelon!

We take our calling in the home seriously. Come join us for Parent Commissioning Sunday!