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Weekend Services

Home Church at 9:00am & 10:30am

9:00 Park City- Travis and Jill Achilles 5735 N Sedgwick St, Wichita, 67204**

9:00 Park City- Jarret and Kayla Gowdy 2923 E Fairchild Ct, Park City, 67219**

9:00 Park City- Mike and Kay Scates, 5615 E 85th St N, Valley Center, 67147

9:00 Newton- Brian and Tracy Smith 1 Sycamore Ct, Newton 67114

9:00 Newton- Phil and Jess Spohn 5 Rolling Hills Ct, Newton 67114**

9:00 Newton- Darrell and Cynda Conrade, Conrade Insurance, 129 E Broadway, 67114

10:30 Park City- Landon and Laura Jordan 11911 N Hydraulic St, Sedgwick, 67135**

10:30 Park City- Mitchell and Kellyn Peek, 2515 E Windsong Ct, Pak City, 67219**

10:30 Park City- Chris and Brittany Millikan, 6147 N Independence, Park City, 67219

10:30 Newton- Joel and Kendall Smith, 8 Rolling Hills Ct, Newton 67114**




Office/Mailing Address

425 E 61st St N STE 3

Park City, KS 67219