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What to do with Santa?

Depending on your geographical location and/or theological bent, Santa Claus may or may not be coming to town, and he may or may not have access to your hearth and home.

Furthermore, the opinions on this matter are in no short supply. So as a pastor I thought it might be beneficial for me to pose the question, “What are Christians to do with Santa?”

It’s a fair question--one I hope Christians have done due diligence with.

I’m sure that there are some folks who applauded Dana Carvey’s, “The Church Lady” and his/her observation that Santa forms an anagram of Satan. I’m sure these same people have no trees, only crosses, and don’t set out milk and cookies, only unleavened bread and grape juice.

I’m also sure that there are some folks who emphasize Santa to the neglect of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and that the North Pole has replaced Bethlehem as the birthplace of all good gifts.

However, I don’t imagine many of us live in either of those places. I imagine we are somewhere in between--and instead of promoting one idea over the other (because I don’t believe your salvation is at stake) I’ll simply provide some links to people who are way smarter than I am, and you can draw your own conclusions.

But before you click off to any of them, might I just remind you of RC Sproul’s notes in Marley and his Message to Scrooge, that wherever we land, let’s not be modern day Scrooges in our own selfish attempt to promote our version of how this holiday should be celebrated. Keep the main thing, the main thing. 

Perspectives on the danger of utilitzing the Santa tradition:

Perspectives on wisely navigating the Santa tradition: