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You, Be You

On Sunday mornings at New Anthem, we like to preach on topics or books of the Bible and look at the principles they teach, and how they can point us back to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We simply call these sessions "sermon series", and our first series was in the book of Ecclesiastes. It was titled, “This is Life.” One of my favorites passages from this book of the Bible comes in chapter 11, verse 4. “If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.”

One of the greatest biblical examples we have on how this scripture translates to life, is the story of David and Goliath. I’m sure most people have some knowledge of the story of a pre-pubescent teen defeating the battle-tested giant in an improbable victory. But what you may not know, is that many people tried to convince David that bringing his sling to a sword fight was not the best plan. It’s what I call:

Armor of



Here’s the essence of this principle: Everyone is going to tell you how to do things, and more often than not it’s their way; but God has given you gifts and talents to use for His glory. Fight with what you know how to fight with. For David, it was a sling and a stone. For Saul, the commander of the army, and King of Israel, it was a sword and armor. What is it for you?

Know this, God doesn’t want you to be a copy or clone of anybody. He made you, you, for a reason. He simply wants you to have faith in Him and work hard to accomplish the plan He has for your life. Stop waiting for the perfect conditions, because they don't exist. I'm sure, like David, you have a goal or dream for your life. This week, try taking some steps toward reaching that goal. If you don't have a dream, goal, or vision, than, like David, let the size of your God determine the size of your goal. And as you work toward it, expect God to help you for HIS glory. He is the point. He's the point of all our stories.