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When God doesn't make sense

I don’t know if you’re a professional wrestling fan or not, but it’s no secret that I am—if I could be anything in life and not have to worry about answering to God for it…WWE superstar. Hands down.

That being said, I was watching wrestling the other night and one of my favorite characters was on…from when I was a kid…almost 30 years ago…my heart was excited while my brain was like, “How are they even still moving?”

To be sure, they were not moving like they did years ago, but they were still able to do some very impressive things within the ring. Perhaps it’s like “riding a bike”. I don’t know, but in God’s providence He’s allowed me to meet some men in our church who are like that—I won’t name names, but they’re nearly 40 years old and still move like they’re in their 20s. It’s truthfully, nauseating. In fact the whole reason I don’t play basketball anymore is because I tried—my brain was like, “Oh, do this.” And my body said, “Nope! Not anymore.”

Now that’s a little bit of a silly example, but it begs the question, “Why? Why can they and I can’t?”

I’m sure you’ve asked the question on more serious matters. Perhaps you’ve lost a job, or found out your spouse has been unfaithful. Maybe you’ve lost a child or were unable to conceive—whatever it is, I’m guessing the bulk of people, at some time or another, have asked God, “Why? Why do they have this and I don’t? Why did you allow this to happen and not this? Why can’t I _____? W-H-Y?”

In fairness, I think it’s a worthwhile question. Understanding your why will help keep you going on days you don’t want to.

The problem then, arises not when we ask why, but when we don’t understand why. That is why (you see what I did there?) on March 31st we’re going to try and find the answer to that question together. We’re starting a short, 3 part message series within the book of Job called, “When God Doesn’t Make Sense”.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and I’m sure you can look back on times in your life where in the moment, you didn’t understand what was happening only years later to realize, "Oh, that was this." What about the times it’s never made sense? What if hindsight is closer to 20/80? Like, I’m borderline blind on this…

Well, I hope you can make the commitment to being at church all 3 weeks, because I believe God’s Word can bring some clarity to the matter.

And if nothing else, I’ll just teach us how to deliver a choke slam to those people who are annoyingly fit… it will understandably make you feel better.