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Too busy to [blank]

I’m not great with names.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say, I’m bad with names.

To make matters worse you have these ridiculous families who use the same letter for all their names--like Landon, Laura, Leyton, and Launa. Help a brother out!

So before I go further, if I’ve forgotten your name, I’m sorry--but due to this inability of mine I often go to stores or restaurants and run in to people who don’t have the same problem as me, and cordially greet me. I’m ashamed, because I don't know their name, so I like to immediately change the subject--”Hey it’s great to see you! How are you?” Or, “Man, it’s been awhile. How’s the family?”

Now here’s what I’ve noticed. In almost every situation I get the same answer. “Oh, things are great. Busy but great.” “Yeah, the family’s good. We’re busier than a gopher on a golf course, but it’s fun.”

Ultimately, today’s culture has driven people into a frenetic pace. So I’d just like to remind you of something. ? Jesus was in full-time public ministry on earth for 3 years. It’s my contention He knew that He only had 3 years, but think about this: Jesus was never in a hurry to do anything. Jesus never ran anywhere. Jesus’ pace was never frantic. Jesus was never anxious. In fact, the bible says Jesus often withdrew for great durations to pray.

And yet here we are too busy to pray. Too busy to read the bible. Too busy to fellowship with one another. Too busy for our families. Too busy to [blank].

Sorry this post is so short...I’m just too busy to write...