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Compassionate Christmas

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I’m sure many of you can remember where you were at the moment you saw those two planes strike the twin towers on September 11. More recently, I’m guessing you can remember how you were feeling when you heard the news about the attack in Las Vegas, or the protests in Charlottesville…bewilderment, anger, rage, confusion, helplessness, perhaps indignation.

Whatever the case may be, I’m sure on some level, you knew what happened in all these instances was wrong. On some level I’m sure you thought, something must be done.

Rightfully so. So don’t misunderstand me, I’m a history and political science major, and before going in to full-time ministry I seriously considered running for office—however, here’s what I know about the government: they can’t change a human heart. They can’t heal a wounded soul. They can’t turn hatred into love. They can’t bring about repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, or despite their best efforts, peace.

I believe that only one power exists on this deteriorating planet that can do that. It’s the power of the love of Jesus Christ. Which means, that in a very real way, the future of the world rests in the hands of the followers of Jesus who are willing to spread this news to the ends of the earth—as He has commanded us to do. We must let people know Jesus can change their life. Jesus can conquer sin and heal wounds and reconcile enemies. Jesus can change everything. That being said, one of the things we’re committed to here at New Anthem is church planting. Because of what Jesus can do, we believe the local church is the hope of the world, and we want to play our part in making sure the world has churches.

All this to say, in lieu of packing boxes and sending Christmas gifts overseas this year with Samaritan's Purse, we are going to partner with Compassion International and plant a church in Bolivia. We have 2 primary goals as a group of churches within our Synergy Network:

1. Raise $77,000 between all our Synergy and other participating churches. The 77K does the following:

Purchases the Land.

Provides Materials for the Building.

It Builds the Building.

2. Sponsor 200 children between all our Synergy and other participating churches. All children sponsored will live within the church plant area. Sponsorship of each child will be $38.00 per month.compassion international

  • We are saving these children from famished environments.
  • We are saving some of these children from sex trafficking.
  • We are preaching the gospel to save them and their families for eternity!

Now here’s one of the most exciting things about this opportunity: if you sponsor a child, you will have the opportunity to go to Bolivia and meet your child (summer 2018)! How cool is that?

So here’s the deal: I’m not saying don’t do Operation Christmas Child if you feel so compelled. There will be a number of drop off locations if you want to participate. Here’s what I am saying: I want you to pray and ask God if you should sponsor a child or help give towards the $77,000 we need to start this church. Furthermore, I also want you to pray and ask God if you should be part of the team we will send this year to help once the plant is up and running. Take some time and decide as a family what you want to do.

But imagine with me, just for a second, as you’re in heaven celebrating and praising our good God, a young person walking up to you and saying, “Hey, you don’t know me, but I’m here because of you…” That, quite literally, could be your story because of this opportunity. This is a unique situation where we can actually see some tangible “fruit” because of our following Christ. As you all know one of my goals for our church is that we will send folks from our church to every country in the world to help spread the Gospel. This is one more off the list. We can do this! Lets go!


Pastor Landon

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