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Have you considered church with no pants?

no pants tee

We are living in some dark times right now, but we don't have to look at this world with despair. Join us online for a message of hope....

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Compassion Sunday

Join us for Compassion Sunday, where we will join with Compassion International to sponsor children near our Bolivia church plant initiative!...

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Why I fasted... and why you should too

Why I fasted... and why you should too...

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So, are you ready for your kids to go back to school?


So often, we try to rush through life... maybe we should slow down and enjoy each moment....

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Vision 2020

Vision 2020- how are you living out your purpose?...

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Train up your child, and don't forget the watermelon!

summer logo

Train up your child in the way he should go, but don't forget the watermelon!...

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Parent Commissioning Sunday

parent commissioning

We take our calling in the home seriously. Come join us for Parent Commissioning Sunday!...

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Farming at its Finest

Did you know God is creative? Why would he allow for 4,000 varieties of potatoes? Read on to learn more....

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When God doesn't make sense

Sometimes life doesn't make sense, and we start to ask "why?" Why is it that God doesn't make sense?...

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I am bound to be overly sentimental...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because I'm sentimental and am joyful and grateful for how God works....

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